Damage investing?

As impact investors, we need to be careful at some of unwanted but serious consequences of our investments that can go fully against the initial intentions. Take investing in Microfinance for instance. The social bottom line is financial inclusion, i.e helping undeserved segment get access to better financial services including … Read more

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Microfinance investing: what to do when facing a (likely) saturated market?

One of the most tense situation an investor in microfinance and financial services face is when looking at an opportunity in a market that is overheating. On one hand you have your prospect or client requiring a large line of credit, and on the other hand, you have been reading … Read more

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How to price a Social Impact Bond?

I find it quite fascinating that there is almost nothing in the social impact bond literature- from the insightful Brookings report to the amazing Social Finance database – on how to price a social impact bond. There are some figures shared here and there, but without any substantiation or figures … Read more

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Curbing dishonesty in Tunisia

I am not talking here about some of the ineffective moralistic campaigns conducted by some non profits and political parties. I am referring to the work of Daniel Ariely and other scientists looking at behavior economics and how their conclusions can apply to the Tunisian context. The first good news … Read more

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The Little Dictionary of the Arab Spring

From my latest WIP book ‘The Little Dictionary of the Arab Spring” 😀 “ASS: Acronym. Stands for Arab Spring Superstar. May refer to a person from Arab origin, not necessarily living in the Arab world, under 35, who achieved fame after the “Arab Spring”, a wave of demonstrations and riots … Read more

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I am currently reading “Principles” by Ray Dalio. It is available for free on the Bridgewater website but you can also download it here: Bridgewater-Associates-Ray-Dalio-Principles Ray tries to write down the principles that he’s been following in his life and in his investment approach, resulting in one of the most successful … Read more

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Celebrating Failures

I took a personality test a while ago and one of the questions was surprisingly something like :“if you meet an entrepreneur, i) would you ask him about his achievements and success or ii) would you ask him about his background and failures” and my answer was definitely the latter … Read more

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5 days in DPRK

Looking at the title I just put, maybe I should have called it ” 5 crazy things  I saw in North Korea” or ” 10 pictures the North Korea government does not want you to see” and other “North Korean porn” we see on the internet. I would have got … Read more

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