Well …I have to say, I am not super proud of my productivity on this blog for the past couple of years. I could only write seven posts in 2015, although I did publish an article in an “official” peer-reviewed journal that took me quite some time (beside my full-time job that is). The co-author of the article and dear friend, Desmond Fortes, passed away in a tragic accident, so I take this opportunity to remember him again. I also followed with a post on Social Impact Bond and Financial Inclusion,  on the CFI blog, a couple of weeks ago.
I have so many things to write about I will definitely take blogging (and the surrounding social media galaxy) a little more seriously in 2016 – while having fun hopefully! There so many things being written on the main topics of this blog – entrepreneurship, social innovation and financial inclusion –  that I find it a little challenging to adopt a unique angle and provide unique inputs, but I am hanging there. Also, you can expect a fresh format and more regular updates soon.  So, please keep coming back!
My best wishes for 2016.

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