A surprise from the revolution

So much to say, assess, deduce, expect and criticize, after what happened recently in my home country. It is obvious that Ben Ali’s departure was not followed by a huge exodus of his allies, servers and loyal supporters. Instead, some of them decided to spread the violence and the chaos with the energy of despair, others have kept silent, and others are simply trying to do go back to business as usual. One could dream of Tunisians staying unite and singing “All you need is Love” . However, the total absence of confidence, the shocking lack of communication, the high number of rumors, and the extreme amateurism of the new government, have led to continuing demonstrations and watchfulness among the Tunisians. This situation can unfortunately last for months and years, if clear and brave announcements are not made as soon as possible.
But, from my little standpoint, here in Georgetown University, what the revolution has brought is Ben Ali pictures on my class slides. With the revelations made about his corruption and his family gang’s crimes, Tunisia is now an official case study for the negative impact of “big shareholders in emerging markets” as shown in the following slides from my ” Finance in Developing Countries” class. Needless to say how surprised I was 🙂

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