Celebrating Failures

I took a personality test a while ago and one of the questions was surprisingly something like :“if you meet an entrepreneur, i) would you ask him about his achievements and success or ii) would you ask him about his background and failures” and my answer was definitely the latter ( I don’t know what it means in terms of personality type though). We are flooded so much with ted talks, unicorns stories – someone called it “entrepreneurship porn” – that we tend to forget about the hundreds of entrepreneurs who worked extremely hard, who did huge sacrifices, but just didn’t make it. An increasing number of events and platforms are giving the spotlight to those (former) entrepreneurs because there is so much to learn from their experience, an experience full of lessons learned that also give the full picture about who else is trying and the tremendous efforts it takes to pull out a successful endeavor, let alone getting the right network, finance and timing.
Fuckup Nights is a global network that started a couple of years ago to exactly tackle this. In cities around a globe, evenings are organized for entrepreneurs and professionals to “celebrate  failures” and share their lessons learned with the audience around some beers.
I had the privilege to co-found the Hague Chapter one year ago. Please join our page and come to our next event!

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