CGAP Week : Developing Inclusive Financial Systems

I had a very enriching week in Dakar (very nice city btw!) starting January 28th. In fact, every year, CGAP  – sort of the microfinance guru center – organizes a one week training on the best practices for MFI appraisal and funding. It was good to have some basics refreshed and to learn more about the trends and the (big) challenges of the sector. Participants were very diverse, from the Ministry of Finance of Cameroon to the European Investment Bank. Lot of fun and interesting discussions (as the one about measuring the social impact of Microfinance)! And quite a fun dinner with folks from the Dakar office of UNCDF. Some initial discussion even took place to put together a financial package for Mali’s financial sector, in big trouble following the French intervention (or attack or whatever you want depending on your side of the story). Much more to follow!
Below a very bad quality scan of the group photo…
CGAP Dakar

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