Financial Inclusion in Tunisia

For those wondering about the status of access to finance in Tunisia, I am combining below few resources about the topic. Overall, the Microfinance market in Tunisia is under-developed compared to other markets in the region, namely Morocco, Egypt, Jordan.
For now, lending that is close to micro-credit is done through BTS – Banque Tunisienne de Solidarite – a state-owned that is not performing very well, and Enda Interarabe, quite successful, with very credible partners, and in process of converting into a full-fledged for-profit institution. After the new Microfinance regulation released in 2011 and the starting up of the Tunisian Microfinance Authority, other international players such as Desjardins and Adie, are looking closely at the Tunisan opportunity, some of them already opening formal branches. The big headache currently is the ATMs (Tunisan Microcredit Associations), a group of small non-profits, appx. 280.  that used to roll out  micro-loans  financed by the BTS (at zero rate…) with weak governance and operational capabilities, let alone their strong tights with the previous regime. I am not really sure what will happen to them.
Please the note the strong involvement of Germany and Luxembourg in developing the local Microfinance sector.
Oh and for some reasons, most of the resources available on Microfinance in Tunisia are in French…

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