How is the financial inclusion going in the Maghreb?

I might be missing lot of reports and articles, and I am not really aware of the financial inclusion development in North Africa. Maybe nothing big is  happening after all?
Morocco has been subject to over-indebtedness and big repayment issues with micro-finance spinning out of control in 2007 – 2008, so investors are very cautious if not looking away.  It stays however one of the champions of the Arab World (with Jordan)
Tunisia? ENDA is the only non-governmental player that has been providing financial services to low income households and micro-entrepreneurs. Recent development include a new micro-finance authority that has been set up few months ago (is it really functional?). New international players are also closely looking at the market and opening new greenfields such as Advans and ADIE.
Algeria? No idea. Libya? No idea neither. A quick look at Sanabel, the Arab World Microfinance Network, shows no members in those two countries. Sanad, an MSME fund specializing in the Arab world, has only invested in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan an Tunisia so far.
Thanks god there is CGAP and its Microfinance Gateway to provide us with some (outdated) reports on the financial inclusion in the region. Hence the idea  of going a little bit further and starting a small platform in order to start gathering inputs, comments, reflections, reports about these various topics. I am convinced that the opportunity is huge. There is a lot to do with respect to BoP models and financial inclusion in the area. It is also an opportunity to start out with reshaped models that are adapted to the local needs. However, it seems no one is really gathering these views and comments, isn’t it? It took me a couple of hours, it is still work in progress, and here is the link: Please join!!

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