Is an MBA worthy ?

For sure,  Steve Jobs has not even graduated, and he is now on the top of the most creative and growing company in the world..and yes you can have the highest impact in your area without finishing high school…so what ?
If you want to get access to new opportunities, new fields and new networks, an MBA might not be necessary… but it can really help, and I am not even talking yet about the post MBA carreer.
The MBA application process is very enriching by itself.  It is one of the rare opportunities during which you oblige yourself to sit at a table and to brainstorm for hours about your values, your mission, your goals, your beliefs, your mentors…What are your real plans? What impact do you want to have? What projects do you want to actually lead? What inspires you in the moments of uncertainty? What kind of partner, of coach, of leader are you? What challenges you most? How do you see yourself in 2, 5, 10 years? Why an MBA? Why now? Which achievement are your the most proud of? What about your failures? The people you mentored?
It can last days to answer these questions, but it is worth it! The first step towards sucess is clear and  very well defined goals. In this sense, the MBA application process can help a lot. You might notice that you have many open points and blurred visions of yourself. You might also note that you have few valuable achievements.
This “self-assessment” will push you then to take immediate actions to clarify your objectives and to enrich your experience. It will be in order to strenghen your application but the benefits will go far beyond: you will feel more confident about your capabilities, about your future and about your goals. It’s like the story of the peasant who turned over his field to find a treasure. He did not find anything but he ended up with a plowed and fertile field that brought him a lot of fruit.
If you think about doing an MBA, start to apply NOW. Don’t hear people telling  ”you are too young”, “you are too old”, “you are not experienced”, “your job is too good to quit now, don’t give any attention to doubts. Ask yourself all these questions, think a lot about yourself and your specific goals. You will figure out if the MBA experience will fit you, and you can change your mind later. Good luck !
Hatem Mahbouli

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