Online Teaching

I am working on an online class  I am putting below the preliminary syllabus. To be soon available on Udemy

  1. Lecture 1: Impact Investing: various definitions
  2. Lecture 2: Main players: From Foundations to Big Banks
  3. Lecture 3: The Impact Investing Process
  4. Lecture 4: Case Study 1: Investing in Microfinance
  5. Lecture 5: Case Study 2: Social Impact Bonds
  6. Lecture 6: Impact Investing – A world of dilemmas (part 1)
    Dilemma 1 : Optimizing social or financial return?
    Dilemma 2 : Early stage companies vs mature ones (local champion) . Should we help champions grow or invest in new ones?
    Dilemma 3 : Submarket vs commericial return?
    Dilemma 4 : What is needed vs what is “right”?
    Dilemma 5 : Growth vs saturation?
    Dilemma 6 : Temporary solutions vs long term progress?
  7. Lecture 7 : Impact Investing- A world of dilemmas  (part 2)
    Dilemma 8: Steering (toward female customers or difficult markets) vs letting the market decide
    Dilemma 9:  Investing with high valuation
    Dilemma 10 : Tax optimization vs tax income for local countries
    Dilemma 11: Local regulation vs international standards (and decrease in competitiveness?)
    Dilemma 12: low end price (for end client) vs increasing profitability?
    Dilemma 13: dependency on “cheap” funding vs development of local capital markets?
    Dilemma 13: directly vs indirectly through local banks/funds?
    Dilemma 14: intention vs measurable impact (and the hassle of measuring , i.e“social capital cost”)
  8. Lecture 8: How to get involved: How to become an impact investor as individual/ Career in impact investing
  9. Lecture 9: The future of the industry